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about us

            in 2011 a group of friends  set out to build a fast but affordable desktop computer. they 

knew that they could not just install windows on some hardware and be done with it because 

we all know windows is not fast at all actually when Microsoft is adding new software they do 

not even delete the old software that it  is replacing so there is peaces of software just sitting 

there doing nothing. and secondly it was not open source and we what every thing at clone 

to be open and available to the public. so the option that we were left with was linux because 

of its build for to run on computers that were built in the 1990s and is also built to run on 

todays fastest server even google used linux for there server. so we could use slower 

hardware but the same but not better results thats why we used linux and thats is why linux 

is so amazing 

         for hardware we wanted to keep costs down but not deliver a peace of junk no we had 

to build some thing amazing that was not expensive. we also knew that we had to make it 

look amazing. that is how we came up with the Clone one. the clone one is an affordable 

computer that works t is very simple and very fast. we also used a very power efficient CPU 

(the intel atom) and with linux on it is even more efficient. of corse we are always looking for 

new ways to do  thing and new computers that do them. we also wanted people to be able to 

build a Clone them selves so we have published how to build a Clone on our web site so 

people who we can not get a clone deviled can have a Clone.

            we also build software by we make sure that all the software that we make must be 

open source so we publish every thing that we do to "github" so the world can see it used it 

and modify it. also being that building software at Clone is a collaborative effort the software 

that we make is better because more people have seen it and eliminate more mistakes. we 

also try to keep all of our software as efficient as our OS like SCOS a powerful calculator that  

is only about 300 lines if code it takes up only 8 kb of space. so at clone we are completely 

open and making hardware and software that just works.