CloneOS 2.5

            CloneOS is a light GNU/linux Based Operating system it is built to be fast and efficient so to be able to run on slower hardware. CloneOS built to work and thanks to the world of open source software we were able to build an operating system by stitching packages we need together. there are many differences between CloneOS 1.0 and 2.5 mainly being we have switched which distribution of linux we are using, we are now using Debian linux. we picked debian because it is very stream lined it works very efficiently, there are many Applications for it (also all apps from ubuntu linux work on debain) and it also has aptitude which is a really nice way of getting applications. CloneOS has wine preinstalled so that you can run all the software you want even if it was not complied for linux but what is really attractive about wine is that it is not an emulator so it dose not crash your system. CloneOS also has SCOS which stands for Simple Calculator Operating System it is a light weight command line calculator (only about 200 lines of code) it is good for quick number crunching (come see our code here). we have alos added Clone-Clock which is a simple alarm clock app in python that uses the tkinter GUI you can see our code here

           how to download CloneOS. you may notice that CloneOS is not a an ".iso" thats because we use "Clonezilla" to install our operating system you may be thinking that this is a annoying extra step but in reality it dose not require that much more effort. what you will need

- USB flash drive (bigger than 2GBs)
- blank CD
- the Clonezilla iso (download)
- a copy of CloneOS (download)

i am assuming that you already know how to create a bootable CD with an iso. the first thing you must do is burn the clonezilla iso to a blank CD (note: clonezilla is very small only about 300mb it can fit on a cd) while you are doing that un zip CloneOS and put it on a flash drive. once the disk is Finnish burring and CloneOS is finish copying to the flash drive. plug the flash drive in to the target computer and put the clonezilla disk in the cd drive to your target computer. now reboot the computer (if the bios is not set to boot off the cd set the boot order to boot the cd first) it should boot into the  clonezilla CD. now the prompts on clonezilla are very strate forward but if you are stuck on any thing than go to this web site.

CloneOS 1.3

 CloneOS 1.2

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