build one

how to build a clone one

build one section:

In this tutorial i will show you how to build and install a clone computer. i am going to 

split this tutorial into two parts building the computer and also installing the operating system. 

if you are using this tutorial to figure out how to build a computer just read the first part about 

building a computer because building any computer is fundamentally the same but installing 

CloneOS is not being that our OS is installed by using clonezilla not by means of a normal 

install disk. if you are building a clone computer than i suggest that you read the whole thing.

building the computer the first thing you must do when building the computer i buy the 

parts. the cost of  buying parts for Clone one it will most likely be about 250 to 270 dollars of 

course if you do not what to use the exact parts that we do feel free. when your parts arrive 

make sure that you do not open them on a carpeted area or any thing that will create static 

electricity try to stay grounded at all times you can do this by taping you computer case from 

time to time. also when looking for pins on your motherboard please reference your 

motherboard manual.  once you have done this open up your case and open up your 

motherboard. you will notice that there are four holes on your motherboard and four holes in 

you computer case. before you place your motherboard you must install you io panel you do 

this by pushing it into the rectangle opening at the back of the case. now that you have done 

that you can screw in the motherboard using the screws you got from your computer case. 

now you must connect the build in power supply to the motherboard take the large 20 

smaller 4 pin extender and connect it to the 24 pin connector on the motherboard. now take 

the other 4 pin connector or the CPU power and connect it to the 4 pin power socket on the 

motherboard from here in you can reference your motherboard manual and you computer 

case manual. if you are still confused than you can use the video at the bottom of the page to 

help you.

now for installing CloneOS. installing CloneOS is the tricky part being that we do not 

package CloneOS as a normal bootable iso file you can not just simply install CloneOS from 

an install disk. instead of doing this we use clonezilla and a disk image of CloneOS which 

you can download form us the first thing you must do is to download clonezilla and burn it to 

a CD (in this tutorial i assume that you know how to burn an iso). then you must download 

the CloneOS clonezilla image from our web site which you are so conveniently at right now. 

once CloneOS is finished downloading put it on a thumb drive or any other kind of external 

usb media. now take you newly finished Clone computer and start it up and open the optical 

drive and load you clonezilla CD into it then plug in your thumb drive into one of the BACK 

usb ports on your clone. now simply follow the onscreen instructions to restore you computer 

form an image save (the image save being the CloneOS image). once that is done you are 

ready for your first boot when you startup your computer and you get to the login manager 

select the user account the default password for CloneOS is “clone” once you are logged in 

you now may bask in the glory of your new computer and give yourself a pat on the back for 

building it yourself. have fun!!!